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Short Story

2013-01-04 22:46:04 by Luke

I finished my short story. If anybody wants to read it, it is hosted on these two websites: ambrie

The story is about a young man and woman who are in love, the girl (Cambrie) lives in an unhealthy environment and is abused by her father regularly. Terrence (the boy) would do anything in the world to make her life better, and this leads to a very strange thing happening to Terrence, in order to better the future of the girl he loves.

This might sound like a shitty romance story or something girly or some shit but it isn't. Give it a fair chance if you want.

Also, gerbils.

Short Story


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2013-01-05 01:01:46

I read the entire thing. It was pretty well created. :)

Luke responds:

Thank you, sir!


2013-01-05 07:36:04

Masochistic fantasy!