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New Home, New Life, New Story

2013-02-16 16:33:17 by Luke

I have now relocated to Saskatoon, almost a month ago actually. I moved here on January 25th, and I'm really digging it.
Living with my girlfriend is super rad, my new school is pretty great, and being a bit more independent feels really nice. I'm currently seeking a job, but besides that life is basically stress free.

With moving here, I've learned a lot and unfortunately one of those things is that music will be very difficult to make her, I am in an apartment building and also have a room mate. So, to avoid causing annoyances for the people surrounding me, I think it is best I take another break, and just continue on my writing hobby instead.

With that being said, I have begun a new story. I am not sure if this one is going to be published online any time soon, I have zero intentions of rushing through this. I began writing it today and have bigger things planned for this than any of my previous works I posted up last year.

My latest writing project was a bit different than anything I had ever imagined myself doing, and it was more of a practice run than anything. I was looking at criticism on a style I had never tried, and I got just that.
Thanks to the last two projects I've done in the past year, I've learned quite a bit and am considering all of the criticism that was given to me in my new project.

It will be another work of fiction of course, and will have a lot to learn inside of it, so I hope.
We'll see how it goes, I am very excited about it and cannot wait to keep writing.

To check out my latest writing project, click this link.
Please note that this story I am working on is NOTHING like the story I linked above.

Note that I do NOT plan on updating this link chapter by chapter or anything for the time being, but may change my mind on that as time passes. As it stands, here is a teaser.


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2013-02-17 07:21:01

It's just me, or does the "moving away with a girlfriend" sound similiar to your story?
Huh. I'd suggest to eat less if you get nightmares.

All jokes aside, I'm looking forward to your next work.

(Updated ) Luke responds:

Thank you.

I am debating on whether or not I should release the first chapter online at the moment, I kind of want to, for criticisms sake...

If you're interested in reading it, contact me. I can upload it somewhere for you to take a look, IF you feel like giving me some criticism.


2013-02-18 10:11:40

glad things are going pretty well generally speaking. <3

Luke responds:

Thanks, Luis. Everything is pretty good here.
I miss my family a lot, but aside from that things are well.