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2013-02-24 15:50:39 by Luke

Go ahead.


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2013-02-24 15:58:01

What's it like being Spiderman?

Luke responds:

No complaints thus far. I look forward to the next motion picture they base on me.


2013-02-24 16:00:35

You've made some wild threads/comments/posts in your time... care to confess to any lies/fabrications/bullshit now that you're older and wiser? And do you regret any of it? Or do you stand by all of it as truth/fact/legit?

(Updated ) Luke responds:

I like this question.

I feel that it would be unfair of me to say that everything I have ever said on here had been the truth. I think that back when I was younger on these forums, I felt as though I had something to prove. I didn't feel as though my "real life" was cool enough, exciting enough, etc. So, I did end up lying on here now and again, it was a way to make me feel better about myself for the most part.

Besides the little white lies, like lying about my age, lying about having lost my virginity at 15 or 16 or whatever I made up, there have been only a few real big lies I've told, and of course some exaggerations.

I remember, years back I made a thread about being homeless. Well, I wasn't entirely homeless, I always had places I could go. I was living with my girlfriend at the time some nights, and other nights I was living with friends. I was never homeless because I always had a roof over my head, besides that, I took off from my dad's place by choice, because I was an angsty, stupid teenager.

Despite what people commonly believed back in the day, my mother is in fact a drug addict, was at the time and still is. Those are the stories that I hadn't exaggerated or made up once.

I also recall lying about drug use, not so much about the USE of drugs, but about how many drugs I'd done, and how often I was doing drugs, etc. I started jumping in and out of that lifestyle at the age of fifteen, and I'm sure I've done enough drugs that I could list them all with all ten of my fingers.

I do regret lying quite a bit, only because I always have felt a pretty good connection with the community here, but after a while I just became irritated with all of the circles building, and there was a time where I felt as though the "in thing" was to dislike me, etc.
Now that I'm older, out on my own, and actually use my brain when I talk to people on here, etc... I'm sure I've attracted all of the negative attention toward myself on my own, and I was never targeted for no reason at all. Lying was probably a big reason why people felt it necessary to dislike me, and I can't blame people for that, whatsoever.
So yeah, I do regret it. But, I'm here now, I'm older, and can confess to lies, etc without being ashamed. I was young, and like a lot of teenagers I felt as though I needed to prove myself, or some shit like that.

To sum it up, yeah, I've lied more than I'd like to have. I can't remember every lie I've told on here, but I've definitely told more truths than lies on here. More than anything I just wanted to seem like an exciting dude, but lying is stupid, now that I'm older I avoid it as much as possible.


2013-02-24 16:09:25

Concrete or gravel?

Luke responds:

I'm neutral when it comes to that.


2013-02-24 16:32:17

Gravel or sand?

Luke responds:

Sand, feels better between the toes.


2013-02-24 16:38:14

who is cooler: venom or carnage? i f there was a teamup comic of spderman and electro somehow against venom and carnage or the hulk and dr octopuss which scenario would you rather have published?

Luke responds:

Carnage, hands down. I would kill to see him star as the villain in one of the upcoming Spider-Man films, but that will never happen, if it does, I'll be extremely surprised.

As for the team up comic, I'm not a huge Venom fan, but I do like Carnage.
I like Dr Octopus, and I like the idea behind The Hulk and his character.
It's a tough question, to be totally honest. I think that I would go with Venom and Carnage, just because the two of them could be creative together as a team, and would be much more frightening than Hulk and Dr Octopus as villains teaming up together.


2013-02-24 16:47:45

Thank you for answering honestly! It's always nice to see users mature and take responsibility and ownership for their past actions (instead of lying/hiding). I can respect that!

So, what are your plans for the future? or are you just taking it as it comes for now?

(Updated ) Luke responds:

Ooooh, I have a lot of plans for the future!

I just moved to Saskatoon, my girlfriend had to move here very early into our relationship, so for about ten months or so we were in a long distance relationship, it was the most difficult thing in the world for the two of us, because we had a lot of issues with drugs and drinking in the beginning months of the relationship, but we both made changes in our lifestyles to make the relationship work.

So, now we live together. I am finishing my grade twelve here at the moment and then I am aiming to enter post secondary, either university of what's called SIAST, which is similar but doesn't open quite as many doors as university would... I'm hoping to get into either some sort of social work or journalism / writing of some sort.

I'm hoping that if everything works out, my girlfriend and I can get engaged by the end of the year, or early into 2014.

Mostly I'm just taking it as it comes, but I do have a lot of goals in mind, most involve employment / education, as well as health. I've quit smoking, drinking, etc, and am planning on starting to go running, and so on this year. I've made a lot of changes and keep setting new goals for myself, so we'll see how many I can accomplish by the end of the year.

I've also taken up writing again, so have been spending quite a bit of my free time working on different stories. I've finished one this year so far, and have started working on another about a week or so ago. This current project is one unlike anything I've ever attempted, so it's been both frustrating as well as exciting.


2013-02-24 18:12:05

Who's cake is this?

Luke responds:

Ask no questions, hear no lies.


2013-02-24 22:24:24

Cat or Dog? Star Trek or Star Wars? iPhone or Android?

Luke responds:

Cat and dog. I've had cats and I've had dogs, I love both.
Star Wars, though I'm not a huge fan of either, nor have I given Trek much of a chance, I'd really like to, but honestly... I'm more into Stargate.
Android. I've had both devices, iPhone's are nice but I feel as though they are too limited as far as customization and stuff along the lines of that go. I enjoy my Android even though it is outdated (Gingerbread). I am happier with it than I was with my iPhone.


2013-02-25 00:36:44

Do you have a favorite actor/actress? If so, who?

Luke responds:

As far as that goes, I'm pretty neutral / have no real opinion.

I think my favourite male actor would be either Jake Gylenhaal or George Clooney. No real reasons, I just find them to be talented actors.
Female actors (I think they got rid of the term actress, and now female actors are just actors, not actresses), I don't have many that I like in particular. I guess Emma Stone is okay, but I really just don't pay enough attention to Hollywood and acting enough to care about any specific actors.


2013-03-01 15:34:51

I am the sponge.

Are you the liquid?

Luke responds:

I am the liquid to your sponge, Labrax.


2013-07-27 15:09:12

I still almost called your death stop ignoring it! It did almost happen!