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Good work on this, great main character, original concept and wonderful humour. It would be good to see more of this.

Perhaps a bit too soon for a sequel, but Ninja Action is a nice treat for Newgrounds.

It's been a long time since we have been treated with a unique combat flash, time and time again Newgrounds has submissions of stick fights, Madness Combat parodies and tributes, Thing-Thing as well. It is not only nice to have something new thrown our way, but also something with as much effort put into it as Ninja Action.

The animation is precise, the frame rate is smooth, and Ninja Action is one hell of a ride.

However, it does have flaws. Perhaps there are too many skits with the little girl, or in this episode in particular, the cat as well. Sometimes humour is nice, and I love a good laugh or smile during a flash, but sometimes too much is just that, too much. It would be neat to see a part with the little girl maybe once an episode, but three or four times is kind of pushing it, aside from that, everything is fantastic.

Keep up the good work, maybe hold off a bit on submitting the next episode so soon, I know the first episode took a number of years for you to create, and the attention and hype of the series (I do imagine this is going to be a series) is probably not only exciting for you as the author, but breathtaking as well. I can understand wanting to submit it in a hurry, but hold off a bit on episode three, that would be my advice. I read that it is already finished, and that is awesome, I look forward to watching it, but build up some hype first, make us wait a bit, and perhaps the audience might appreciate the flash even more.

Great thing you have going here, looking forward to more.


People see the name 'thespammer' and think it is just crap spam... Well, they're wrong!

I was very surprised when you sent me the finished product the day before you uploaded (or was it the same day?), and I still love viewing this one. You did an excellent job, and made a pretty accurate character of me.

Ultimately, this is great and will be extremely underrated by the looks of it, which is a damn shame... This is funny as hell.

thespammer responds:

LOL! Its great that at least I have established some sort of "brand name" around here XD
YOU were probably the hardest part of the spamination (cockjoke intended) <3
I mean it; You were one of the biggest challenges (aside from finding a way to end the damned thing) and I put in EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA effort getting you right.
But it was great working with you ... in bed of course ;)
TTYL you sexy sexy n***a :*

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Been playing for the past month or so, but now the chat on the side never loads for me. What gives? Cannot get raid calls anymore because of this, cannot stay in touch with guild mates, etc.
My internet connection is fine, no downloads or anything leeching my connection is running in the background...

Fun, challenging (slighty) and very addicting as far as time killing goes. One major issue, after achieving the first medal, I died, and never respawned. Obviously going to end up being a fatal issue in the long run, you may wish to look into that.

Otherwise, solid mini-game.

Mediocre, but remains impressive...

It was a fun little experience playing the game, the '3D' effect the playing character and zombies have is visually appealing for the most part, which is a definite plus to the experience of playing, you can tell that time and effort were actual put in to the flash through that, and it wasn't some quickly thrown together game.

The levelling system is okay, but it would be nice to have some customization as far as that goes, rather than having your gun level up on it's own - Though besides that, complaints are minimal as far as levelling up goes.

The game gets quite devastating once the difficulty boosts up a few times, especially if you are anything like me and refuse to enter the portal immediately after it is available. The player doesn't get swarmed by many zombies necessarily, but a fair amount that are difficult to take down can give quite the rush.

My main suggestion would be to add some customization to the levelling system in the game, and also the option of choosing your player's look, and avatar at the bottom of the screen.

Also, something you may want to look at, is the game does not fit the default screen size of the Newgrounds 'player' (if you can call it that), it is much smaller and this can be a pain. I'm not sure how to fix that, but if it is possible - It would make the experience a bit nicer.

Overall, quite fun, worth trying.

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I really love the hook / sample. Whatever is used in it, it sounds amazing with the instrumental. Great work on this, a little too long for my liking, half the time would be perfect. Keep it up!

cursed666 responds:

Hey thanks man your reviews mean a lot and are the only real reason I keep making this shit lol. Seriously though, the hook was actually from looperman and came from someone else's song, I can't remember her name, but the lead you hear during the hook was actually built in with the sample, I just worked with it.

Anyway, thanks for the review man, you have inspired me to post another beat lol, good day to you sir.

This beat is fucking incredible. Been up writing a track on it. Will drop soon, some real heart felt shit. Got a couple cypher tracks written for other beats too. Keep it up, man. Real great work.

BOULLIE responds:

Aaayyy Glad you found it. It's kinda buried under a bunch of other stuff lol

dude you have come a long way. big improvement. you should be throwing beats on shadowville! great work!!!

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Reminds me a lot of Desert Punk. I really dig this, if it goes toward a webcomic I can see good things happening from it, I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled.

I love this - Great work.


Am I the only one who thought of Obama in the thumbnail?

Solid one, love it.

Just some kid.

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